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Tourism & Attractions


Although tourism is Ghana's fourth biggest industry, the country is sufficiently undiscovered to offer a myriad of adventure, and visitors are few enough to be received with genuine warmth. When Ghanaians say "Akwaaba" (welcome), we really mean it. At Hotel Adonai, our warmth and sincerity don’t begin when you walk through our doors. No, it actually begins when you land in Ghana.

Recommended Attractions


Accra Zoo

The Zoo is located at Kanda. When travelling north on the Independence Avenue, past Ako Adjei Interchange and look for Afrikiko Restaurant; turn left and follow the signs leading to the zoo. The phone number is 021-772553 and it is open daily between the hours of 9:30am 5pm. There is a small, but fascinating collection of many birds and animals indigenous to Africa. Some of these animals that are worth a visit include monkeys, snakes, lions, leopards, crocodiles, duikers among others. Interestingly, the zoo was once part of Kwame Nkrumah's estate. His original house (in its original condition) is still located adjacent to the zoo.

La Pleasure Beach

This is most popular beach during holidays and weekends. There is enough space for visitors to play beach volley and beach soccer. Other activities that visitors are oftlen interested in are horse-back riding and sand-bathing in the neat sand. There are stores where people can get their favorite drinks and food for themselves, family and friends.

Kintampo Falls

If traveling the main north south highway between Tamale and Kumasi, be sure to stop at Kintampo Falls, a short distance north of the city of Kintampo. The stop is well worth the time and effort. There are two falls, upper and lower--both are rewarding and make for a cool, refreshing stop on your trip. The entrance fee is very small--be sure to ask for directions to find the upper falls if there are no signs.

Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

This is the last resting place of the first President of Ghana, who was a famous pan-Africanist.The Centre consists of a museum of his life and works, the mausoleum, and his statue, which stands on the spot (the Polo grounds as it used to be called) where he declared Independece for the country on 6th March, 1957.

Nzulezo Village

Stilt villages like Nzulezu (also known as Nzulezo), found in the Jomoro District in the Western Region, Ghana near Beyin, are a wonder to those who have the opportunity to observe these amazing sites.

The Du Bois Memorial Center for
Pan-Africa Culture

A source of inspiration to many, this Centre now houses a research library and gallery of manuscripts, as well as the grave of this famous African-American scholar and his wife.

Somewhere in the recesses of the City of Accra called Cantonments, where the calm air, the cool trees, and the sunshine combine to produce a unique serenity; where the songs of the birds provide a sort of euphoria; there, in that tranquillity, squats a house, No. 22 First Circular Road, which has been dedicated and consecrated to the memory of a man who loved Africa where he traced his roots, a modest man, but whose life and works raised him above ordinary men and placed him among the great men of all time - Dr. William Edward Burghardt Du Bois.

It is the W. E. B. Du Bois, Memorial Centre for Pan African Culture dedicated to the life of a man who spent greater part of his life in the struggle for the emancipation of the black man through Pan Africanism.

Other attractions include:

The National Museum

Located on Barnes Road, this fine museum houses a fascinating collection of Ghana's historical treasures. The exhibits housed under the two-tiered rotunda of the museum comprise much more
than Ghanaian Culture alone, and include a collection of the neighbouring West African countries as well as an archaeological department located in a hall ont he first floor.

One of the museum's ground-floor wings is devoted to temporary exhibitions which can range from contemporary dyed fabrics to traditional and even sacred artifacts such as the celebrated Ashanti, ancestor stools, and Independence Square.

The venue for many national celebrations, dominated by the independence arch and the memorial to Unknown Soldier

The George Padmore Research Library on Africa Affairs

The George Padmore Institute (GPI) is a library, research and educational centre housing materials relating to the black community of Caribbean, African and Asian descent in Britain and continental Europe. The Institute is named after George Padmore (1902-1959), the Trinidadian writer and dedicated Pan Africanist who became one of the most influential figures in the anti-colonialism and independence
struggles of the 20th century.

Centre for National Culture - Accra

Presents traditional handicrafts in various forms from all over Ghana and West Africa, it includes workshops and art galleries. There is an arts and crafts bazaar and a traditional textile market with souvenirs that have been crafted in clay, wood, leather and metal. There is also indoor market with stalls for footwear, T- shirts and souvenirs University of Ghana at Legon Ghana's premier centre of higher education, it was founded in 1948. Set in beautiful gardens, including a striking botanical garden, it also houses the School of Performing Arts, the Balme Library and the School for African Studies.

The Markets of Accra

Amongst the most famous markets of Accra are Makola market located on Kojo Thompson Road, and the Osu Night Market, where market stalls are illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles.

Makola Shopping Mall

Located at the Accra Central. Has adequate car parking space. The market was recently constructed to replace the old one with the same name. One can obtain beautiful African Textiles, Foodstuffs,
Traditional Cloths and clothes, shoes, cosmetics, etc. It also houses a bank, restaurants, offices, etc. Because of its central location it enjoys a lot of patronage from residents in Accra and tourists alike.

Agbogbloshie Market

Located near the Timber Market on the Fadama Road. This is another newly constructed market. It enjoys all the facilities as the Makola Shopping Mall. Other local markets found in Accra are the Kaneshie Market Complex located on the Mallam-Odorkor Road, Kaneshie, and the Kantamanto Market also located in central Accra is the capital's local and largest flea market. Items sold here are mostly imported second hand clothes, shoes and household items.

The National Theatre

The distinctive architecture of this modern building encompasses an important national centre for the performing arts. Programmes are advertised on banners and in the national newspapers.

The Osu Castle (Christiansborg) - Accra

The Osu Castle (Christiansborg) is unique among the castles and forts. It served as Government House during various periods in the 19th and 20th centuries and continues to play that role today. The building of the first lodge in the 17th century at Ursu or Osu is attributed to the Swedish African Company. In 1657, the Swedish headquarters at Carolusburg Castle, Cape Coast was captured by the Danish Guinea Company led by Heindrick Caerlof who himself was formerly the Swedish Africa Company's Commanding Director. This resulted in all Swedish establishments including Osu lodge passing into the hands of the Danish Africa Company. Caerlof defected to the Dutch in 1659. The Danish Commander of Carolusburg was tricked into believing that Denmark had been conquered. He therefore sold Carolusburg to the Dutch together with the former Swedish establishments including Osu lodge. The Ga Paramount Chief, Okaikoi, disgusted with their trickery, asked the Dutch to leave Osu. In 1661, Jost Cramer, Danish governor of Fredericksborg, near Cape Coast, acquired land from Chief Okaikoi
for 3,200 gold florins. The Danes built a stone fort to replace the earthen lodge and named it Christiansborg (Christian's fortress) after the former King of Denmark, Christian IV who had died in 1648.

Shai Resource Reserve

The Shai Hills Resource Reserve is found in the Greater Accra Region, approximately 50km north-east of the capital of Accra on the main road between Accra and the Volta Region. The reserve, which is 5,140ha (51km) in area, was first gazetted as a forest reserve in 1962 and is presently administered and managed by the Wildlife Division of the Ghana Forestry Commission.

New Coco Beach Resort

Located at Teshie-Nungua, east of Accra, it has a serene atmosphere with excellent accommodation. It is a perfect place for relaxation.

Cocoloco Beach

Cocoloco Beach is located at Ada Foah - about an hour east of Accra where the Volta River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The area is a natural paradise and a breeding ground for a variety of sea turtles.

The Volta Estuary is also a sanctuary for an enormous number of birds. Cocoloco has camping and accommodation in a number of bungalows built in a traditional thatch style. To get there, head east from Accra and branch right at the Kasseh-Ada junction. If you are coming by "tro-tro" or commercial bus, get out at the last stop and ask a taxi to take you to the Cocoloco Beach Camp Resort near the village of Totimekope.

Korle Beach Resort

This interesting resort is located on the Accra beach road. A budget hotel on Korle Gonno Beach front is becoming popular for holidaymakers.

Next Door Beach Resort

Next Door, an excellent beach resort-complex is a model resort of international standard worthy of mention. The peace and tranquility reigning in the hearts of lovers and people are ever present at this resort. It is simply a pictorial story you need to know and consume as first hand information about this earthly paradise, which is on the Accra-Teshie road.

Touring Ghana is a real treat. However, excursions are not limited to Kintampo Falls, Kwame Nkrumah Memorial, Nzulezo Village, the W.E.B. DuBois Memorial Centre or other major attractions. No. What is most fascinating about Ghana is that we are a 70% Christian nation where Christ is highly respected and worshipped throughout our land.

Ghana is home to some of the most prolific and prominent Christian leaders and churches in the world. Ministries in Ghana are wholeheartedly purpose-driven. They’re actively involved in healing and deliverance, the prophetic move of God, evangelism and outreach, and discipleship.

Religious tolerance in Ghana is very high. The major Christian celebrations of Christmas and Easter are recognized as national holidays. It is not unusual to hear Christian music playing, and seeing natives rejoicing, in the streets as daily activity. Partaking in Ghana’s Christian community is an unforgettable experience.

For a private inland tour where you will be guided by highly knowledgeable staff who knows the terrain of Ghana, allow Hotel Adonai to arrange a tour for you.

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